In the ever-evolving landscape of network infrastructure management, PalC Networks introduces a cutting-edge solution that empowers organizations to efficiently control and optimize their network resources. Our Network Management System – PalC NetPulse is designed with a robust set of features, following the FCAPS framework, which covers Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security management. Let’s delve into what sets PalC NetPulse apart and how it caters to the diverse needs of network operators and OEM/NOS vendors.

The Power of PalC NetPulse
Efficiency and Control:

  • L1 Cross Connect for EdgeCore Cassini Boxes: We’ve integrated L1 cross-connect capabilities for EdgeCore Cassini boxes, enhancing your control over network resources.
  • Interface Configuration Management: Our NMS software offers streamlined configuration management for both Ethernet and Optical interfaces, simplifying network setup and maintenance.
  • Inventory and User Management: PalC NetPulse provides robust inventory management, allowing you to keep track of network assets

Comprehensive Monitoring:
Peripheral Device Monitoring: Stay on top of your network’s health by monitoring peripheral devices. PalC NetPulse offers a holistic view of your infrastructure.

  • Optical Parameter Monitoring: Get in-depth insights into optical parameters to ensure
    optimal performance.
  • Topology Viewer and Alarms/Event Notification: Visualize your network’s topology
    and receive real-time alarms and notifications. Stay informed and respond swiftly.
  • Microservices Compatible Architecture: Our NMS is built on a microservices-
    compatible architecture, ensuring flexibility and scalability for your evolving network

What Lies Ahead in Our Roadmap:
We are committed to enhancing our NMS software further to meet the ever-changing demands of network management:
Layer-2 Configuration Features: We are adding more layer-2 configuration features to provide you with a more comprehensive toolkit.

  • Advanced Automation: Our NetPulse will have enhanced network automation capabilities, simplifying complex tasks.
  • Integration with Cloud-Based Environments: In line with the industry’s shift towards cloud-based solutions, we are working on seamless integration with cloud environments.

Supported Software for Versatility
PalC NetPulse is compatible with various software platforms, making it versatile and adaptable to different deployment scenarios:

SONiC for Data-Center Deployments: Perfect for data-center networks, PalC NetPulse integrates seamlessly with SONiC.

  • Goldstone for Packet Optical Deployments: If your network requires packet optical solutions, PalC NetPulse has you covered with Goldstone compatibility.
  • OcNOS for Data Center/CSR Requirements: Data center and carrier-grade service provider networks benefit from our support for OcNOS.