NextGen IAM

Ensure secure, end-to-end access for authentic users to your crucial applications and data by implementing robust authentication and authorization mechanisms. This will safeguard against unauthorized access and protect the integrity of your sensitive information.

PalC Networks can accelerate your digital transformation journey by leveraging advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and implementing security measures such as zero-trust and passwordless authentication. We aim to provide a seamless user experience while ensuring compliance with industry standards. Our next-generation IAM solutions utilize intelligence-based, risk-based, and adaptive decision-making processes to enhance security without compromising the user experience. Our IAM system helps to ensure a cost-effective and efficient digital transformation journey.

PalC Offerings


  • Assessment of current state of IAM environment
  • Short engagement to consult and advise for targeted outcome
  • Define people, process and technology roadmap and strategy

Build and Engineering

  • Deploy next Gen IAM Platform , IDaaS , Cloud IAM Security
  • Application Integration
  • Optimize cyber security posture
  • Adopt Zero Trust Framework
  • Digital Transformation journey
  • Paswordless Authenication

Operations (MSP)

  • End to End operations ownership
  • Continuous service Improvement
  • Automation led delivery

Our Experiences

SailPoint IGA deployment

Global Access Administration is one of the customers core platforms working to simplify the user access provisioning needs

Complete End to End JML automation with HCM systems

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OKTA SSO - On-Premises and Cloud

Providing access management using Cloud based Okta solution to protect, Secure access and provide SSO , Federation to client application in cloud , on premise and secure federation with third party application.

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IAM – Managed Service

Customer wanted to migrate from legacy IAM solution to a more robust , latest solution in the market. Members of our team deployed new security solutions as part of the Managed service model ( tiered authentication, privileged identification and access management, Identity Management, Federation and password management.

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Our Clients

Our IAM services can help you effectively manage user identities, access controls, and authentication across multiple systems, platforms, and devices