Telecom Infra Project Solutions

Expertise in providing solution and validation services for various Telecom Infrastructure projects, including DCSG, Open Packet Optical Transponder, OpenWifi, OpenRAN, and OpenLAN.

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is an international community of companies and organizations that collaborate to speed up the development and implementation of open, disaggregated, and standards-based technology solutions that provide high-quality connectivity for the present and future. As a Tier-1 Member of the TIP community and holding a co-chair position in one of its prominent sub-groups, PalC Networks has extensive experience in assisting operators in deploying TIP solutions in their networks. The company also provides support to vendors by testing and validating their products in TIP solutions, enabling them to obtain certification and recognition. PalC Networks’ deep knowledge and experience in TIP solutions and its engagement in the TIP community, allows it to provide a valuable service to both operators and vendors, enabling them to take advantage of the latest technologies and standards to improve their networks.

Solution Overview

  • Open Packet Optical Transponder NOS
  • Disaggregated CellSite Gateway (DCSG)
  • OpenRAN Solution
  • OpenWIFI Solution
  • Disaggregated Optical Systems (DOS)
  • Disaggregated Open Routers (DOR)

PalC Networks Offerings

Development & Validation Service

  • Developing and Deploying TIP Solutions.
  • Helping Vendors to get TIP certification and Badges
  • Helping Operators to deploy the solution in their network

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System Integration / Solution Engineering

  • Integration with third party application
  • Bridge the gaps in telecom networks and provide integrated systems view and control across the fragmented ecosystem
  • Application integration with industry-standard APIs, Big Data/AI/ML, automation, orchestration and network engineering.

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Trial & Post Deployment Support

  • Helping in pre-deployment trails and PoCs.
  • Professional maintenance and support service.
  • Upgrading of merchant silicon SDKs, newer kernel version, patches etc.

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PalC Expertise

White Box Packet Optical NOS

PalC Network experience in the area of developing the software stack for Coherent Optics enabled Whitebox Switches with Analog Coherent Optics (ACO) and Digital Coherent Optics (DCO) Whitebox Switches.

Goldstone - OOPT NOS

PalC Goldstone is an open-source NOS for optical packet transponder. It utilizes many existing open source components which have been developed in OCP and TIP including ONL, SONiC, SAI.

PalC plays an active role in the OOPT-NOS subgroup as its co-chair, and also contributes to the DCSG, Openwifi work groups. Additionally, PalC develops software solutions for OpenRAN, DOS and DOR.