Build the future of modern networks by pioneering advance technologies , modular software and by using Intelligent and Open Networks.


Build the future of modern networks by pioneering advance technologies , modular software and by using Intelligent and Open Networks.

PalC Networks expertise in SDN and NFV area starts from its inception of OpenFlow in early 2010. PalC Networks provides various services including training for its customer in the area of SDN & NFV. PalC Networks had trained more than 350 engineers/operators in the area of SDN and NFV with real use case deployments throughout the world.
SDN attempts to centralize network intelligence in one network component by disassociating the forwarding process of network packets (data plane) from the routing process (control plane). The control plane consists of one or more controllers which are considered as the brain of SDN network where the whole intelligence is incorporated. PalC Networks has expertise in working on various SDN controllers and controller applications.
Network functions virtualization (or NFV) is a network architecture concept that uses the technologies of IT virtualization to virtualize entire classes of network node functions into building blocks that may connect, or chain together, to create communication services.

PalC Capabilities

At PalC Networks, we pride ourselves on our unique combination of domain expertise, technical proficiency, and innovative approach. Our deep understanding of architecture and cognitive technologies, coupled with our ability to think outside the box and deliver high-quality solutions on time, makes us the go-to choice for all technology needs.

Projects & Solutions

  • SD-WAN
  • SD-VPN
  • ONAP
  • R-CORD


  • IP Infusion ZebOS/ZebXP OcNOS.
  • Aricent ISS Stack
  • Metaswitch DCL Stack
  • Quagga / FRR
  • GoBGP, ExaBGP
  • SoNIC, ONL


  • Netconf, RestConf, SNMP
  • ONIE
  • Yang Models
  • SysRepo, Conf-D
  • Netopeer, OpenYuma, Pyang


  • OpenStack
  • Kubernetes
  • SDN Controllers


  • Docker
  • Ceph
  • KVM
  • OVS
  • DPDK

Projects Undertaken and Case Studies

ONOS ODTN Driver Consolidation

PalC is one of the active contributor of the driver consolidation project of ODTN to write and consolidate driver from various vendors like Infiniera, ADVA, Nokia. As an active member of ODTN group, PalC keeps contributing to various projects in ODTN community.

OpenCORD / R-CORD Deployment

The CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) platform leverages SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies to build agile datacenters for the network edge. As part of PalC services, a GPON aggregation switch functionality in a CORD deployment has been acheived.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

The Objective of this project is to create a private cloud infrastructure giving access to multiple tenants wherein the work loads / applications are deployed in VM / Kubernetes in an OpenStack environment with ODL as a network node, and workflow orchestration using Heat template.

Our varied range of expertise across segments of networking allows organizations to customize their networks to their specific needs and benefit from the best of what different vendors have to offer spanning data-center, service-provider and enterprise networks.