Packet Optical Network

Leading the Future of Networks with Advanced Technology & Intelligent Solutions. Pioneer DWDM & Coherent Optics in Modular, Open Networks.

Packet Optical Network

Leading the Future of Networks with Advanced Technology & Intelligent Solutions. Pioneer DWDM & Coherent Optics in Modular, Open Networks.

PalC Networks specializes in the development of software for packet optical networks, particularly in the area of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and coherent optics-enabled Whitebox switches. The company has extensive experience in creating software stacks for analog coherent optics (ACO) and digital coherent optics (DCO) Whitebox switches. PalC Networks has worked on integrating IP Infusion’s control plane stack with the OpenTAI (Transponder Abstraction Interface) and ONOS controller to create a fully integrated packet optical network product. This capability allows PalC Networks to offer its customers a comprehensive solution that integrates the control plane and data plane for the packet optical network. With its in-depth expertise and experience, PalC Networks is well-positioned to support the development of next-generation packet optical networks that can support the growing demands

PalC Capabilities

At PalC Networks, we pride ourselves on our unique combination of domain expertise, technical proficiency, and innovative approach. Our deep understanding of architecture and cognitive technologies, coupled with our ability to think outside the box and deliver high-quality solutions on time, makes us the go-to choice for all technology needs.


  • L2, L3, MPLS, G-MPLS, Carrier Ethernet.
  • Segment Routing, PCE, BGP-LS.
  • Access Technologies like G-PON, OLTs, ONU, Edge aggregation etc.
  • Data Center, Enterprise Network design and development.

Control Plane Stacks

  • IP Infusion ZebOS/ZebXP OcNOS.
  • Aricent ISS Stack
  • Metaswitch DCL Stack
  • Quagga / FRR
  • GoBGP, ExaBGP
  • SoNIC, ONL

Management Plane

  • Netconf, RestConf, SNMP
  • ONIE
  • Yang Models
  • SysRepo, Conf-D
  • Netopeer, OpenYuma, Pyang

Forwarding Plane

  • Broadcom chipsets – Trident, Trident+, Trident2, Trident3, Katana, Triumph, Tomahawk, Qumran, Arad etc.
  • Marvell – Bobcat, Poncat
  • Wintegra
  • Intel DPDK, SRIoV, Linux Bridging, OVS
  • Nephos

Projects Undertaken and Case Studies

White Box NOS Porting

PalC has a proven track record of porting all the features related to Layer-2, Layer-3 MPLS and multicast based solutions onto the chipsets of industry leading ASIC vendors. We have the experience of Broadcom (Both XGS and DNX based architecture), Marvell, Nephos etc.

ONOS ODTN Driver Consolidation

PalC is one of the active contributor of the driver consolidation project of ODTN to write and consolidate driver from various vendors like Infiniera, ADVA, Nokia. As an active member of ODTN group, PalC keeps contributing to various projects in ODTN community.

Goldstone - OOPT NOS

PalC Goldstone is an open-source NOS for optical packet transponder. It utilizes many existing open source components which have been developed in OCP and TIP including ONL, SONiC, SAI.

Our varied range of expertise across segments of networking allows organizations to customize their networks to their specific needs and benefit from the best of what different vendors have to offer spanning data-center, service-provider and enterprise networks.