OpenRAN and 5G

PalC Networks has expertise in the 5G wireless network technologies, open-source software, and the use of open interfaces and APIs to integrate different components to build OpenRAN deployments.
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OpenRAN is an open-source, software-based approach to building and operating cellular networks. The goal of OpenRAN is to make it easier for multiple vendors to compete and innovate in the cellular network market, rather than relying on a single vendor for all components of the network. This can lead to lower costs, faster deployment of new technologies, and increased competition. OpenRAN could play a role in the deployment of 5G networks by allowing for more flexibility and innovation in the design and operation of these networks.

PalC Capabilities

OpenRan Transport

  • O-RAN Transport

OpenRAN Core & Orchestration

  • O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) Alliance’s O-RAN Software Communityk
  • TIP (Telecom Infra Project) OpenRAN Platformk
  • ONF’s SDRAN Platform

OpenRAN Management

  • Configuration of the network elements
  • Management of the network resources
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of the network
  • Security management of the network
  • Automation of the network deployment and scaling

OpenRAN Applications

  • Rural 5G
  • Private 5G
  • Small Cell Networks
  • IoT Networks Etc

Projects Undertaken and Case Studies

CORD PON Aggregation Switch

The CORD platform leverages SDN, Cloud technologies to build agile datacenters for the network edge. Pal C services, a GPON aggregation switch functionality in a CORD deployment has been acheived.

Transport Technology Software Development

Segment Routing is a new source routing technology that will add benefit to IP and MPLS networks. It will allow to have FRR protection for any topology, simpler to operate and more scalable.

Our People

At PalC Networks, we specialize in solving difficult and Complex software problems across a variety of domains, including Routing/Switching software, SDN, Security and Cloud Native solutions. Our headquarter is located in the technology hub of Bangalore, development centre in Chennai and we also have sales offices in the USA and Asia-Pacific region.