Identity and Access Management

Secure end-to-end access for genuine users to your critical application and data

With the shift towards digital business models and the growing adoption of cloud technology, it is essential to ensure the security and controlled access of identities. PalC Networks offers Identity and Access Management (IAM) services that can help you implement a secure, robust, and scalable solution to protect your applications and provide a streamlined user experience. Our IAM services can help you effectively manage user identities, access controls, and authentication across multiple systems, platforms, and devices. We provide solutions that can help you meet compliance requirements and protect against potential security threats. With PalC Networks IAM services, you can rest assured that your applications and data are protected, and your users have a seamless and secure experience.

PalC Capabilities

At PalC Networks, we pride ourselves on our unique combination of domain expertise, technical proficiency, and innovative approach. Our deep understanding of architecture and cognitive technologies, coupled with our ability to think outside the box and deliver high-quality solutions on time, makes us the go-to choice for all technology needs.

Identity Governance

  • Automate JML (Joiner Mover and Leaver)
  • Access Certification and Governance
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Role Management
  • Zero Trust access control
  • Front End Frameworks like bootstrap, material design
  • CSS Preprocessors like SASS, LESS
  • RESTful Services and APIs
  • ELK Stack (Kibana)

Access Management

  • Web Access Management
  • Single Sign on
  • Risk based Multi Factor Authentication
  • Federation Support, SAML, OIDC, OAUTH
  • IDentity As A Service ( IDaaS)

Consumer Identity Management

  • Self-Registration and Social Integration
  • User Privacy and consent management
  • Integration with B2C, B2B
  • Fraud detection and Adaptive Authentication

Privileged Access Management

  • Vault and rotate Privilege passwords
  • Automate privilege account discovery
  • Secure API Keys & Digital Keys
  • Session Recordings, Track and Monitor privilege account activities

Our Experiences

SailPoint IGA deployment

Global Access Administration is one of the customers core platforms working to simplify the user access provisioning needs

Complete End to End JML automation with HCM systems

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OKTA SSO - On-Premises and Cloud

Providing access management using Cloud based Okta solution to protect, Secure access and provide SSO , Federation to client application in cloud , on premise and secure federation with third party application.

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IAM – Managed Service

Customer wanted to migrate from legacy IAM solution to a more robust , latest solution in the market. Members of our team deployed new security solutions as part of the Managed service model ( tiered authentication, privileged identification and access management, Identity Management, Federation and password management.

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Our IAM services can help you effectively manage user identities, access controls, and authentication across multiple systems, platforms, and devices