Devops enterprise automation summit, Bangalore

Venue:Bangalore – Jul 20th, 2018

PalC Networks Co-founder, Kingston Smiler Selvaraj conveys his knowledge by being the part of DevOps summit event, to build the pillars on the topic Legacy to Strategy – Ops to DevOps.

Thought Leadership Summit for Practicing DevOps at Enterprise Level. ENSCONCE presenting Topic – Legacy to Strategy – Ops to DevOps ENSCONCE is an MSME Registered Firm; provides services from Ideation/Inception through Transformation.

In order to maintain our Leadership on Telco’s events in India, Nexgen Conferences proud to announce India’s EXCLUSIVE event on Network Automation for Telecom Industry as NETWORK AUTOMATION CONGRESS 2022, schedule to be held on 24th June 2022 at Hotel Taj Lands End – Mumbai

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