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Introducing PalC-OpenLab:

One of the first Open Lab in Disaggregated Whitebox Networking Industry providing a cutting-edge platform for fostering innovation and collaboration in the field of next generation networking
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Software Development Services

Open Source NOS (SONIC, DentOS, Stratum, Goldstone),
Networking Protocol Development,
SDN/NFV, Data-analytics,
Edge,Cloud, Security – IAM,
Application Development
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Solution Engineering Support

24*7 - L1/L2/L3 Support
TAC for commercial/Open-Source NOS
Migration Services & Resident Engineer
Lab as a Service (PalC OpenLAB)
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PalC Networks offers expertise in networking protocols and services in developing Control/Data plane architecture for Layer-2, Layer-3.. etc. PalC Networks has wide experience in developing the software stack for disaggregated network products .

Cloud Native Application

PalC Network has great knowledge in converting monolithic application into a cloud-native application / services by carefully splitting the single application to small, independent, and loosely coupled services.


Secure end-to-end access for genuine users to your critical application and data. With PalC Networks Identity and Access Management services , you can secure your application.

Devs Ops and Application Development

PalC networks utilizes its extensive web technology expertise to assist clients in developing solutions for businesses and online service delivery platforms.

Custom Development Services

PalC Networks Custom Development Services offers extensive experience in the implementation of networking and security-related developments tailored to the specific needs of its customers. The company specializes in product development and enhancements, including the addition of new features, customization, and enhancements, as well as the development of Proof of Concept (PoC) projects. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas, PalC is well-equipped to meet the unique requirements of its clients and help them achieve their goals.

Test and Validation

PalC Networks’ test and validation service assists customers in testing and validating their networking solutions and services. This service ensures that the customer’s solution or Proof of Concept (POC) meets their specific requirements . The service is designed to help customers improve the quality and reliability of their solutions. By providing a thorough and accurate validation process, PalC Networks helps customers ensure that their solutions are robust, reliable and ready for use.

Open Lab

PalC Networks OpenLab is one of the leading Open Labs in the disaggregated Whitebox networking industry. The lab offers a wide range of Network Operating Systems (NOS) for testing and is available 24/7 with open and free access. The lab’s facilities provide customers with a unique opportunity to test and validate , using the latest technologies and equipment


PalC Networks has invested over 6 years in building a team of highly skilled and experienced experts. With offices in 3 locations, our team members possess the specialized knowledge, expertise, and capabilities required to ensure the success of your projects. PalC Networks holds expertise in a wide range of areas such as Networking, Security, and custom development services. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for product development, product enhancements, customization or PoC projects, our team is equipped to help you achieve your goals.

Open Networking

Open Networking refers to the use of open standards and open-source software in the development and deployment of network infrastructure and services. The goal of open networking is to make network infrastructure more flexible, programmable, and cost-effective. Open Networking is typically enabled by the use of white box hardware, which allows for the use of different network operating systems (NOS) and software-defined networking (SDN) technologies. The use of open networking can enable organizations to more easily customize their networks to their specific needs and to more easily adopt new technologies. Open Networking is a key enabler for the deployment of next-generation networks

Solving Critical Problems with
IP Networking

Goldstone - OOPT NOS

PalC Goldstone is an open-source NOS for optical packet transponder. It utilizes many existing open source components which have been developed in OCP and TIP including ONL, SONiC, SAI.

Network Analytics

Network Analytics is a practice of the collecting and analyzing different types of network data like network events, state information, packets etc. The Objective of this project is do create a network analytics platform to detect any attacks like DDOS, Man-in-Middle attack, Sniffer attack etc, identifying the anomalous events and flows, providing way to program the network using the outcome of network analytics, creating black list and white list policies in the network and programs etc.

Network Management

Network management is the process of administering and managing computer networks. Services provided by this discipline include fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks and maintaining the quality of service. Network monitoring is a critical IT process where all networking components like routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs are monitored for fault, performance and evaluated continuously to maintain and optimize their availability.

What our team are saying

My journey so far with PalC Networks has been amazing. PalC Networks welcomed me as a fresher intern once I graduated, and I've never looked back since. The positive, can-do attitude and the thirst to keep learning something new every day as a developer, were something I picked up during my time at PalC Networks. One of the major differences between a typical networking start-up and PalC Networks is the organization work culture. The work environment is so comfortable and supportive, that it resembles a second home to me. Support and initiative shown by seniors and junior alike, motivates me to give my all and be proud as a PALCian

Prasad Sriram


I joined PalC Networks after my graduation. I was made comfortable with the corporate work environment from day 1. I've been blessed with helpful and competitive set of team members from the beginning , which has made my journey smooth. It's always a learning day at PalC Networks, I get to learn something new every single day which has opened up many possibilities.

Aishwarya padaki


When 2 years back I was looking for a job change, I had 3 non-negotiables that I was looking for: a position that challenges me technically, management that enables me to perform at the best level and a team environment of collaboration and synergy. PalC Networks not only delivered but raised the bar on the standard for what a company should be. The onboarding is seamless, the projects interesting and the work environment is one of open communication and continuous learning. The management team is always available to provide guidance and support, and they truly value the input and ideas of their employees. The technical challenges I've faced at PALC have pushed me to improve my skills and knowledge, and I've been able to make meaningful contributions to the company's success."

Sarthak Sharma


I am working in PalC Networks From last 4years. Its a super platform getting best quality and meaningful work in the Networking world. Most fascinating experience is the team spirit and energy for solving any kind of challenges. PalC Networks is a good place which provide incredible values to each employee irrespective of position. The learning is through best training and have excellent growth opportunities with most updated industrial technologies.

Praveen Baby


PalC networks is my second company since I started my career after serving my previous company for 11years. Multiple things were running through my mind when I accepted PalC's offer, quitting my comfort zone with my previous company. Surprisingly, within a few days of joining, all my back-and-forth thoughts started to settle and I felt very much comfortable. I was really awestruck with the way PalC as an organization operates with many young and energetic leaders. Witnessing personally how I am evolving with PalC is something very new for me. In general values that young engineers bring are not useless, but used less and in PalC Networks it is a great thing to experience when a company breaks the stereotype leadership practice and identifies the uniqueness, skills of every individual and accepts their insight to the table.

Subash Krishnamoorthy


It has been an amazing journey with PalC so far. I was heard and trusted from day 1. I'm grateful for all the support and opportunities from the organization

Moshika M K


Our Clients

CEO Words

PalC Networks CEO Kingston Selvaraj remembering the PalC journey