PalC Networks offers expertise in networking protocols and services in developing Control/Data plane architecture for Layer-2, Layer-3, Multicast, MPLS , SDN/NFV .. etc. PalC Networks has wide experience in developing the software stack for disaggregated network products with WhiteBox switching in various deployments like Data Center (Leaf / Spine Architecture), DCI using VxLAN Overlay, DCI using DWDM packet optical network, OLT aggregation in CORD deployment, Mobile BackHaul, Carrier/Metro ethernet solutions, Enterprise switching solutions and Service provider networks etc. PalC Networks has contribution in IETF MPLS and TRILL WG with few RFCs and Drafts.

PalC Capabilities
  • L2, L3, MPLS, G-MPLS, Carrier Ethernet.
  • Segment Routing, PCE, BGP-LS.
  • Access Technologies like G-PON, OLTs, ONU, Edge aggregation etc.
  • Data Center, Enterprise Network design and development.
  • IP Infusion ZebOS/ZebXP/OcNOS.
  • Aricent ISS Stack
  • Metaswitch DCL Stack
  • Quagga / FRR
  • GoBGP, ExaBGP
  • SoNIC
  • ONL
  • OpenNSL
  • OpenNSL
  • Netconf, RestConf, SNMP
  • ONIE
  • Yang Models
  • SysRepo, Conf-D
  • Netopeer, OpenYuma, Pyang
  • Broadcom chipsets - Trident, Trident+, Trident2, Trident3, Katana, Triumph, Tomahawk, Qumran, Arad etc.
  • Marvell - Bobcat, Poncat
  • Wintegra
  • Intel DPDK, SRIoV, Linux Bridging, OVS
  • Nephos
Projects Undertaken and Case Studies

Segment Routing Development

A source-routing architecture that seeks the right balance between distributed intelligence and centralized optimization. PalC has the expertise in devloping the segment-routing related solutions both from the control-plane and dataplane perspective.


White Box NOS Porting

PalC has a proven track record of porting all the features related to Layer-2, Layer-3 MPLS and multicast based solutions onto the chipsets of industry leading ASIC vendors. We have the experience of Broadcom (Both XGS and DNX based architecture), Marvell, Nephos etc.


CORD PON Aggregation Switch

The CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) platform leverages SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies to build agile datacenters for the network edge. As part of PalC services, a GPON aggregation switch functionality in a CORD deployment has been acheived.


Egress QoS

For real-time applications such as voice over IP (VoIP) and video, the amount of available bandwidth and end-to-end delay is crucial. Hence, the ability to differentiate traffic and to provide differentiated service levels based on the types of traffic plays a significant role.